Live well. Live long.

Our holistic Wellness Program encourages activity of all types. Our close-knit culture inherently supports social engagement and the rewards of living among friends. And we support the lifestyle with seven Dimensions of Wellness:

  • Emotional – belonging, contentment, stability
  • Spiritual – peace, faith, meditation
  • Physical – mobility, balance, activity, diet
  • Social – engagement, cooperation, fun
  • Intellectual – brain fitness classes, discussion groups, organized games
  • Vocational – involvement and contribution
  • Environmental – preserving our planet for future generations

Active minds and active bodies are important for overall health, and Laurel Crest features a fitness center with all the equipment you need for a workout, as well as meandering walking paths through our landscaped grounds. Brain teasers, games, programs and guest speakers engage the mind. Bible study and weekly church services nurture the spirit. It’s all in place, with countless opportunities and benefits.

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